A full groom includes a gentle cleansing wash, nails, ears plucked and/or cleaned, trimming of pads and complete styling in the trim of your choice. We artistically deliver ALL breeds standard haircuts as well as requested looks. 

*Special needs appointments such as express services can be arranged.


Massage has been used on animals for over 5,000 years in the Far East. It is a pressure technique that follows an specific procedure from start to finish, balancing energy, restoring circulation, and stimulating self-healing.


Peticures are included with any wash ’n tidy or full style session. We clip and file your pets nails. Walk-in peticures are available from 10AM – 2PM, any other times please call for availability. We have specialty tiny grooming equipment for even the smallest of “teacup” breeds for a gentle micro-grooming experience! 


We have number of daily spots for your pet to visit and enjoy a social day that includes a walk and a snack, while watching all the action at Shampooch Pet Salon. It is good practice for pets to socialize and spend the day in company to burn excess energy.

Puppy  Imprint

This service for puppies or kittens ranging from 9 weeks old to less than 16 weeks old includes: a gentle first grooming session. This entails an hour-long appointment where they will gently be washed, hand-dried, brushed, and have their nails trimmed. This allows them a short and comfortable exposure to the routine, equipment and crating for future grooming sessions.


Reiki is healing through Energy works. It promotes healing, and well-being. Animals are very receptive to Energy healing, since they are so open, connected and trusting!

*Vilma is also a holistic consultant who can help decide what supplementary care is best for your pet!

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