About Us


Vilma Vicente has a degree in Animal Sciences UBA and has been working with animals since she was 18 years old. She acquired a great deal of experience working at the University Veterinary Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina as an imaging specialist. She worked with a wide range of species including domestic (dogs, cats, horses) wild and zoo animals.

With a strong artistic inclination, Vilma became a music teacher at the J.S.Bach Conservatory and a trained artist under Master Carlos CaƱas teachings for four years, now specialized on pet portraits and murals. She is a Pet Stylist, that has trained numerous proteges, leading them to successful careers. Vilma is a certified acupressure and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner with Tallgrass Institute, a Reiki Practitioner, and animal massage therapist (Pet Massage Inc.) with profound knowledge of aroma and herbal therapies.

about vilma’s pups

The Daschsund “Trixie” is a rescue from Arkansas, she was found stray in a rural area at 6 months old, left to fend for herself in a coyote-infested area. Probably an escapee from a backyard breeders, she took several days to convince her to come to the rescuers.

Norton, the mixed breed, was impounded from a hoarding situation in Clewiston, Florida. He was afraid of humans, poorly socialized and severely abused. We took him into our family and now he enjoys working at the salon and having a safe, happy life at home. He loves all creatures, and greatly enjoys our harmonious garden.